Working Timetable Supplement London Midland Region (Western Lines)

Freight Train Alterations 10th September 1962 to 16th June 1963

(or until further notice)

The places named below are where the trains originated.

The last two links below show also the full Freight Working Timetables between Gretna Junction and Carlisle No.13 in connection with the New Marshalling Yard which opened in March 1963.

If you are interested in freight trains in the area covered (North Staffs, Crewe to Carlisle, Manchester, Liverpool etc.), then you will find something to interest you.

I have made a note in the last link on page 104 of the Amendments, that the train in column 172 was “The Condor”, which is shown to stop in Carlisle Station to change driver, fireman (usually second man) and guard. I used to sign this guard off at Brent about 5.45am, and sign him on again at night to take “The Condor” back to Carlisle. “Condor” was derived from “CONtainer Door to doOR”, and that was the only type of traffic it carried.

Abercwmboi To Chaddesden Chaddesden to Heysham Harbour Jn Gretna Jn to Carlisle No. 13 Timetables